Godaddy是IDC行业中的佼佼者,同时也是世界上最大的域名注册商。并且它们所提供的域名、主机等产品,也在不断的推出优惠政策。但是IDC行业风云剧变,政策一直在变化,作为 IDC行业的一员——Godaddy也不例外。Godaddy最近也提出了不再支持ColdFusion,那么究竟ColdFusion是什么呢?对用户又有什么好处呢?

ColdFusion(直译:冷聚变),是一个动态Web服务器,其CFML(ColdFusion Markup Language)是一种程序设计语言。Godaddy虚拟主机从2011年11月29日开始,将不再提供对ColdFusion支持。


ColdFusion requires an abundance of resources to maintain, so we have decided to entirely discontinue its support from our shared hosting accounts on November 29, 2011.

To you and all our affected customers, we sincerely apologize. We recognize this change might disrupt some of your plans and hope this advance notice gives you the time to make any necessary changes.

Please understand we decided to stop supporting ColdFusion only after seriously considering the impact on our customers. Because only a very small percentage of our customers use ColdFusion, we can improve more of our customers’ experiences more efficiently by allocating our resources elsewhere.

After November 29, 2011, ColdFusion files will no longer work on any of shared hosting accounts. This means any of your website’s pages relying on ColdFusion to work will become inaccessible to visitors. However, we will keep your files on your hosting account and you can access them at any time via FTP or our FTP File Manager.


从2011年11月29日开始,ColdFusion将不能在Godaddy虚拟主机上运行了,任何关于ColdFusion的文件页面不能被访问,不过Godaddy官方把文件存储在主机账户上,你可以随时通过FTP工具或者文件管理器(FTP File Manager)对它们访问和管理。